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Novelist Lon lived and studied in East Asia, and his knowledge of Asian history and cultures comes to life in his novels. His books are all set in ancient, mythological, or modern Asia, and draw readers into detailed and exotic locales. He currently resides near the lake in northern Utah, USA.

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Invisible Cage

Invisible Cage Cover

Nikki Katz races across Asia to rescue a pair of young girls from an international gang of child traffickers, before the kidnapped victims disappear forever into a maze of disease-ridden brothels.

Borneo Fever

Borneo Fever Cover

Living a comfortable life in the jungles of Borneo, Logan Pierce is confronted with a deadly disease ravaging the isolated villages. Forced into an unwanted role as leader of a desperate team, he faces dangers, betrayal, a budding romance, and a fierce battle against well-armed extremists.


Immortal Daughter from Penglai

Amira Book Cover

Follow the adventures of beautiful immortal Amira, as she struggles to find a place in the mortal world of mythological China.

The Power of Powers

Huaxia Journals – Volume One

Power of Powers Book Cover

Siblings Orchid and Monkey are pulled from the modern era into ancient China, in the midst of an epic battle between rival dynasties.